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The following are our list of services.

Housing Authority is the only financial institution that will sell you a lot, help you finance it and assist you to build on it.

Loan to purchase a residential lot
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Housing Authority will help you finance the construction of your home with a Construction Loan.

New Construction Loan

  • Construction of a house
  • Construct a new boundary fence
  • Extend/Renovate/Upgrade an existing house


Requires an approved house plan. An addition draft plan- enable costing for construction.

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  • Construct a new house
  • Extend/Renovate/Upgrade existing house
  • Construction of Community hall/church
  • Improve Current Living Standards in the village


  • A village as declared under the Fijian Affairs Act
  • A land owning unit being part of a village, and,
  • A Trust must be set up where the trustees are legally entitled to negotiate and sign all documents on behalf of the village or a unit within it.
  • Land Owner Unit (LOU) Distribution
  • Income Statement from NLTB
  • Agreement from Trustees & Members
  • Application Fee – $75.00
  • Consent letter from :
    • Roko
    • Turaga ni Koro
    • Turaga ni Mataqali
    • Trustees

Loan Limits

  • The loan limit is $50,000 per house and if the applicant holds the role of a Chief of Head Clan in a village, the limit may be extended above $50,000 at the discretion of Housing Authority.
  • If the cost of a house exceeds the stipulated limit, the excess should be made up in form of a cash deposit or the applicant may start building to this state, where the completion costs are within the limit.
  • In case of a scheme consisting of more than one house, the average cost per house is bounds to this limit.

Building Contract Demands That;

  • A contract is established between contractor and villages.
  • The contractor has to deposit a 10% bond of the total contract sum which is held for 60 days after completion for repair and maintenance work. The Bond must be either in cash or in form of bank guarantee.
  • Owner builders are eligible for finance from Housing Authority under the condition that the total costs are comparable to tender received from contractors for either.


For more information please contact:

    • Mr. Pita Mow – Acting Manager Customer Relations Central


Considering re-financing your existing home loan

Now is a good time to re-finance with a Housing Authority refinance Loan.

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Housing Authority provides conveyancing services for its clients. All of the following services are provided in house which is more convenient and cheaper for its customers.

                             Why would you go anywhere else?

Perfection of all securities such as:

  • Preparation of transfer documents.
  • Obtaining of stamp duties exemptions
  • Capital Gains tax clearance certificate.
  • Mortgage
  • Variation of Mortgages in case of further loans
  • Registration of documents with the Registrar of Titles
  We provide confirmation of MPI, Health & House Insurances
  Facilitation of Building Contracts for loans to construct where applicable.

We will liaise with other stakeholders on your behalf:

  • FNPF
  • Solicitors Firms
  • Commercial Banks
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Other landlords ITLTB, Lands, Methodist Church where required.

We grant consent for all applications to dealings on Authority leasehold:

  • Consent to Transfer
  • Consent to Mortgage
  • Consent to Variation of mortgage
  • Consent to Sub-Let
  We also attend to the timely Discharge of securities and leases/titles for all paid off loans.
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