Other Services

Share Transfers, House Plans

To ensure a fair price picture and to substantiate the value of existing property to be mortgaged as security, a valuation is required.

If a valuation report for the property is available and not older than two years, this report can be accepted for loan purposes, unless there are acceptable reasons known that the property has a significant change in its value during the period. Then a new valuation will be carried out.

If the loan application refers to the construction of a new residence or repair, upgrading, renovations, extensions etc. of an existing residence, the client has to submit (two) copies of approved building plans, and if work is contracted, quotations from two (2) independent building contractors.

House Plan

We also draw house plans, extensions and make amendments where required at the cheapest rates

When customers bring in approved house plans, Customer Relations does an eligibility check first and then work assessment does the relative costings. Costings then go back to Customer relations and here it is matched against customer’s respective eligibility.

Provide Funds for:

  • New Constructions
  • Renovations & Repair
  • Extensions House
  • Quick Repairs
  • Fencing and driveways

Once Loan is approved then we:

  • Assist clients with Engineer Certificates
  • Provide Costing for all building Constructions
  • HA standard house Plans
  • Constructions inspections
  • Provide Consent Letters For HA Leases

Pegs Redefinition Survey (Lands Department)

Survey fees: $275.00 for HA residential lots, otherwise redefinition, survey fees will differ, taking into consideration, its size and locality.

  • You can pay upfront or write to HA requesting a redefinition survey, whereby the fees are charged to your acc. (the account must be arrears free)
  • Right now with the ongoing projects and the upcoming ones, we are finding it hard to carry out these task as requested but we try to fit these in our daily programme. (On request only)
  • For new developed area –no fee charged

For area that has been developed and after 5 years no construction: fee of $275.00 charged

When an existing customer wishes to transfer all or part of his shares and therefore change or add names to the title of his property.

In payments

Consent Fee:

  • $110.00 (HA Lease)
  • $112.50 (Native & Methodist Church Lease)
  • $33.75 (Lands Dept. Lease)
  • Application Fee – $50.00 (depending on loan amount)
  • Loan amount more than $50k-application fee $75/$100.00
  • Loan amount less than $50k- application fee $50.0


  • Transfer Full Share
  • Transfer ½ Shares
  • Transfer Equal Shares

Basic Requirements

  • Birth/Marriage Certificate
  • Statutory Declaration – any variation in names
  • FTR Requirement – FNPF Card/Driving License/Passport
  • Bank Statement – Latest 6 months statement
  • Other Loan Statement – Latest Credit Union/Personal Loan/MasterCard etc
  • FNPF Letter – Stating eligibility amount
  • Latest Pay slip
  • Financial Statement & Cash Flow – If applicant is self-employed
  • Certified True Copy of Lease/Title
  • Engineer’s Cert. – Valid for 7years & should be in the Insurance Council of Fiji list
  • Approved Plans & Specification – If purchasing property
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement
  • Consent Form – Duly completed & signed if HA Lease
  • Tin letter certified by commissioner of Oath/Lawyer
  • Acceptance letter from buyer