1. What are the general requirements should I wish to get a loan to build my house/ purchase land from Housing Authority?

  • Fiji Citizen
  • Have proof of employment
  • Be at least 21 years of age

2. What is Housing Authority’s interest rate and deposit for a loan?

New loan package coming soon.

3. Tell us how home loan approval process works if I wanted to build my home or buy a house.

  • Get an eligibility assessment done.
  • If  you wish to purchase a home/land- we require seller’s Tin Letter, Valuation report , engineering certificate, certified true copy of title, sales and purchase agreement and the buyer’s financial statements i.e recent pay slip, bank statements, FNPF statement and also ID of specimen.
  • If you wish to construct- we require an approved house plan. In-house technical assistance provides for construction costing assessment.

4. What do you mean by commitment level or commitment ratio?

Home Loan repayments plus other commitments- refers to any fixed repayments that maybe showing on payslips/bank statements for any sort of loan.

The smaller the commitment level, the better the chances of getting a loan.

5. What are some of the required documentations for a loan?

Basic requirements are:

  • Photo ID
  • Birth/ Marriage Certificate
  • Latest Salary Slip
  • Tin Letter
  • A recent Bank Statement
  • Other Loan evidence Statement
  • Latest FNPF Housing Eligibility Statement

6. How does it work if I am to use my FNPF?

  • Confirmation from FNPF on eligibility and also FNPF funds that have not been previously utilized for any other property.
  • HA will arrange on the final transfer of Funds from FNPF.

7. What are the loan approval criterias at HA?

Should be eligible for the Loan and provide all necessary loans requirements.

The following criteria are used:

  • The applicant must be earning less than $50k. Joint application can be increase the $50k limit
  • Minimum deposit of 10% is required. FNPF funds could be used
  • The Commitment ratio should be 30% if total income is less than $25k or 35% if the income exceeds $25k
  • The joint applicants must be close blood relations
  • If buying a house, it must be certified by a reputable engineer
  • The property must hold a registered lease/ title

8. How do I get a personal loan

HA no longer offers Personal Loan.

9. What benefits do I get for being a customer with Housing Authority?

HA is a ” One Stop Shop ” –once you are a customer with Housing Authority and depending on your eligibility , you now have access to quick turnaround loans that allows you to upgrade repair, extend and improve your home at 6.99% interest rate.

10. Is there any policy for those customers who are finding financial hardship due to unemployment, medically unfit to work to pay outstanding ground rent?

HA is currently working on this policy but in the meantime HA is collating all relevant data to support our policy paper.

11. Does HA take inflation into account while approving new Home Loans?


The commitment ratio is either 30% or 35% over the gross income which gives sufficient butter for inflation. Also, we educate the customers on how to budget their income so that they do not face difficulties in repaying their Loan.

12. Does HA offers offer Personal Loans to customers who do not have a mortgage account?

HA no longer offers Personal Loan.