Housing Authority’s Tacirua East Stage 2 land development at Khalsa Road, Nasinu has been in the pipeline for the last two years whereby all the preliminary work for land acquisition, environment impact assessment, geotechnical investigation, topographic survey and scheme planning has been done.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Mr. Alipate Naiorosui said “the scheme plan for this subdivision has been provisionally approved by the Director of Town & Country Planning and the Authority will now be calling tenders from reputable consultants to carry out the engineering designs and obtain the necessary approvals from relevant related authorities and then the Authority will proceed with the construction after calling for tenders”. Mr. Naiorosui added “that this development will be one of the largest residential developments that will be undertaken by Housing Authority comprising a total of 184 acres (74.5 hectares). Because of the size it will be necessary to phase the development into at least 3 stages with an estimated cost of $27.2m”.

“The site is ideally located between Khalsa Road to the east and Tacirua Plains – Cunningham Road to the west and Tacirua Heights to the north, where a major portion of the said land commands a panoramic view of the sea” said Mr. Naiorosui.

Mr. Naiorosui further added “that in carrying out this development the Housing Authority will do a mixed development whereby all classes of residential development will be included. These will be complemented by
commercial and industrial lots to provide a broad mix that will bolster the marketability of the development. The residential lots within this development will include Residential B (600-1000+ sq. meters), Residential C (400-600 sq. meters) and Residential D (240-400 sq. meters). This will allow the Authority to meet the needs of a wider spectrum of the population particularly the middle to low income bracket”.

Mr. Naiorosui also revealed that there are almost 150 existing squatters residing on this land and these squatters will be given an option to be temporarily relocated to some other part of the land while the development is in place while others who may want to a-wait for development completion elsewhere. The Authority has a detailed record of these existing squatters and has given its commitment that these squatters will be given the first preference to purchase these lots.

“Due to the high cost involved with land development, it has been considered appropriate that the higher income brackets of the population are able to cross subsidize the lower income earners. In having this mixed development the Authority is able to pass on a portion of the cost of the lots designated for the lower income people to the higher income group who are able to afford more expensive lots” Mr. Naiorosui explained.

“Most urban centers particularly Suva-Nausori-Lami corridor has experienced high prices from real estate companies in recent years. This has been attributed mainly to the fact that demand has now far exceeded supply. There are not many developers to develop and supply land serviced with relevant infrastructure like roads, sewer reticulation, power reticulation, water supply and telephone ducting which are essential requirements of any land buyer. This has resulted in the prices of existing real estate (land & houses) fetching very high prices in the market taking them beyond the affordability of the middle to low income earners. Therefore in undertaking this development at Tacirua East, the Authority wants to release into the market some 1,000 lots within the next three years or so (apart from Tacirua East there are other developments being done simultaneously within Suva), which should contribute in alleviating demand for land and houses within the Suva-Nausori Corridor” spelled out Mr. Naiorosui.

Finally Mr. Naiorosui stated “that the Housing Authority is fully committed to undertaking this development to ensure that we provide our contribution towards the overall objective of providing affordable housing for Fiji”.

Alipate Naiorosui

April 16, 2012


Housing Authority’s Tacirua East Stage 2 land development at Khalsa Road, Nasinu has been in the pipeline for the last two years whereby all the preliminary […]
April 16, 2012


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