Sale Begins for Tacirua Phase 3A

August 2, 2014
CEO ends two decades of service
August 2, 2014

Sale Begins for Tacirua Phase 3A

Housing Authority is pleased to announce that sale of land from its Tacirua East Sub-division Phase 3A has commenced.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jagdish Prasad said the Authority would now sell lots from its various sub-divisions under development as housing packages, with customers also having the opportunity to access Government’s Housing Assistance Grant (HAG).

“We are urging customers who will be allotted these lots to take up our housing loan packages. This means they can buy the land and build their homes immediately. This is how Housing Authority is assisting its target group of those earning $50,000 per annum and below towards realising the Constitutional right to housing under Section 35. At the same time, customers are able to access HAG of $10,000.” Mr Prasad said.

In the meantime, he said the Authority wanted to ensure that fairness and transparency would prevail which is the reason why they were allocating lots to those who had already registered their interest.

“We are matching this information to the lots. So, for example, if a customer had applied for a lot in Tacirua in 2012 and a different customer applied in 2006, the first priority will be given to the one who had applied earlier. But other factors will also be taken into consideration such as income, whether they are first-home owners, and their eligibility for a land and house package.”

Therefore, he urges, customers whose information has changed like contact details, salary and others to inform the Authority to have their data updated.

“This will allow the Authority to reach them easily otherwise they can lose out on the opportunity to own a home,” Mr Prasad explained.

“There are over 6,800 customers who have registered their interest for Tacirua alone since 2004. And of the four phases of development in Tacirua we expect to deliver a total of approximately 1,100 lots inclusive of commercial, industrial and residential lots. That is an indication of what the demand is.”

Development works for Phase 1A at Tacirua is almost nearing completion and would be available for sale by the end of September with 459 lots as well as the first 100 lots from the Authority’s Wainibuku Sub-division after approval of the survey plans by the Lands Department.

Customers are urged to contact the Manager Marketing, Mrs Ronita Prasad on 343 3281 or email on, Manager Sales, Mr Mahendra Kumar on 343 3295 or email on, or Mrs Emelini Buinimasi on 343 3232 or email on with your updated information.