Executive Managements of both entities HA and PRB has been having series of discussions on collaborative funding and construction of rental flats. . The final outcome is to provide for affordable and quality rental housing for PRB tenants.

It is proposed that all land acquisition and development would be undertaken by HA for their subdivision and as agreed some portion would be reserved for PRB and other social housing providers. This was to allow PRB to concentrate its effort in management of properties rather than duplicating land acquisition and development processes currently being undertaken by HA saving resources which could be utilized elsewhere.

  • HA Land

Parcels of land that have been identified by HA are: Tacirua East, Nepani, Waila City, and Matavolivoli and exploring other areas where rental demand exists.

  • PRB Land

Kalabu, Votua, Savusavu, Namaka to construct using one of the funding options stated below.

Funding Options

Full package (finance, construct, handover)

It is proposed that Housing Authority will provide funding for land acquisition and development then undertake construction of rental units with consultation with PRB on all stages in order to meet the affordability of PRB tenants. It is anticipated that HA will handover completed flats at a cost which would be paid to HA over an agreed period of time. PRB will only manage these rental flats.

The Board of Directors has already given their concurrence for this idea to be explored further, documented and make it realize in 2013. Therefore ongoing meetings are occurring to firm-up a best deal for both entities that will pave the way forward in achieving low cost housing.