1. Do you have any available flats for rent?

We always have tenants moving out at any given time and those flats will be available for allocation. You are encouraged to keep checking with all Divisional offices for availability of flats.

2. How can I apply for a flat with PRB?

You will have to fill an application form and submit it together with all the requirements stated in the form. You will also be required to pay all necessary fees and charges.

3. Where can I get an application form?

Application forms can be collected from our three Offices in the three Divisions; Central at 132 Grantham Road Raiwaqa, Western at Natokowaqa Estate Hector Eyre Street and Northern at Vunimoli Estate Korotari Road. It can also be downloaded from our Website.

4. If I apply now, how long will it take for me to get a flat?

It will take some time because we have applicants waiting on the waitlist. Furthermore it will depend on the availability of flats.

5. What is the rent for your flats?

Our rent ranges from $8.00 a week to $92.00 a week depending on the location and size of flats with number of rooms.

6. Does this rent include water and electricity?

No, this rent is only for the flat. You will have to pay your own usage charges for these amenities.

7. How do you charge your rent, monthly or fortnightly or weekly?

We charge rent on weekly basis for 52 weeks in a year.

8. Do you have three bedroom flats?

No we don’t have three bedroom flats. We have one room flat, one bedroom, and two bedroom flats.

9. Do we have to pay a deposit upfront?

Yes you will have to pay the deposit before you move into a flat or before you will be given the flat keys.

10. How much will be the deposit?

The deposits can either be $220.00 and $270.00 depending on the rent of that flat. Together with that, you will have to pay four weeks rent in advance.

11. What is the purpose of this deposit?

It is for security purpose. In case you leave the flat and you have outstanding bills; and maintenance charges and arrears etc. will be deducted from this deposit. And the balance (if any) will be refunded without interest.

12. Can I be assisted with subsidy grant?

It will depend on your weekly gross wages, commitment and ability to pay rent before PRB could determine if you qualify for subsidy assistance or otherwise.

13. How do you work out the subsidy assistance?

A subsidy criterion as approved by the Board is used to determine the level of subsidy assistance Government could provide. Once you qualify for subsidy assistance, your weekly gross income shall be applied in the subsidy criteria to determine your contribution and then subtracted against the rent to calculate the amount of subsidy assistance.

14. Can we paint our flats?

You will have to seek approval from the Board first.

15. Where can I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent at any of our three offices in the three Divisions OR at all Post Offices around the country OR at Total Service Station Mead Road Nabua. In addition to this our Field Representatives usually collect rent in person every Monday. It is your responsibility to demand an official receipt of PRB for all your payments made to any of these offices or person.

16. Do you charge interest for late payment of rent?

Currently we don’t charge interest to any tenants for their late payments.