The Public Rental Board through consultation with its communities realizes that the empowerment of its communities is an integral part of its framework. In order to facilitate these development initiatives, the Public Rental Board has engaged the services of key development agencies and partners in order to broaden its coverage area and create more efficiency in its service deliveries (instead of the mere provision of low cost rental housing) so that a holistic approach to housing is realized through partnership. This way the empowerment of its communities is integrated into already existing frameworks of key partners. Coverage areas that the PRB has sought partnership for includes the empowerment of its youths & women, the delivery of early childhood education and information technology and the creation of income generating activities for tenants


These partnerships ensure that all PRB owned estates and its tenants are afforded with every opportunity for development. The partnership details are as follows:

  • Young Women’s Christian Association – the PRB realizes that the provision of technical training is beyond its own capacity building processes. As such the YWCA have now been tasked with providing training programmes for all the women, young women and youths for all PRB estates
  • Save the Children Fiji – through this partnership the PRB has been able to establish early childhood education centres in two of its estates, with plans to roll the out the same for other estates. This ensures that the all children within the PRB system can access early childhood education locally and at affordable prices
  • Telecom Fiji Limited – with PRB have teamed up to implement internet cafes in strategic estates. This will ensure that tenants can have access to internet facilities locally instead of having to travel long distances to access the same, whilst having competitive charges to meet tenant’s budgets.
  • Fiji Police Force – this partnership ensures that the lives of tenants and all PRB property are secured. Whilst this project has been rolled out at Mead Road, plans are underway to roll out the same for the other 18 estates
  • Women/Youth Groups – this partnership with the women/youth groups ensures that all women/youths in the PRB system are empowered and provided with programmes to not only strengthen their partnership with the PRB but to also provide them with income generating opportunities. This way entire families are assisted through these programmes
  • Estate Committeesthis partnership ensures that the in the absence of PRB personnel, the smooth running of its estates is overseen by these committees. Whilst on one hand this tenant issues are met within the estate, it also ensures that these committee’s become strategic partners with the PRB

Who or what they are/What they offer

These partners through their various development frameworks target key components to ensure that PRB communities are able to gain access to their various services

  • Young Women’s Christian Association – the YWCA is a non-profitable organization, that focuses on the implementation of projects for women and youths as a means of up-skilling them for economic livelihood
  • Save the Children Fiji – SCF is an NGO whose main focus is the implementation of mobile playgroups in order to make early childhood education accessible for all segments of society
  • Telecom Fiji Limited – a subsidiary of ATH, is a major service provider in the telecommunication industry whose focus is the provision of communication via telephone and internet
  • Fiji Police Force – is a service provider whose main focus is the protection of lives and property for the people of Fiji
  • Women/Youth Groups – are groups that have been formed from within the PRB communities who are tasked with overseeing the needs of the youths and women and have become integral partners with the PRB
  • Estate Committees – are groups that were formed from the estates who have been charged with overseeing the needs of tenants and the daily operation their respective estates in the absence of PRB personnel