Tacirua East Phase 3A Lease Signing

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November 6, 2013
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January 24, 2014

Tacirua East Phase 3A Lease Signing


One hundred and sixty-seven leases have now been prepared for Housing Authority’s Tacirua East Subdivision Phase 3A.

This now means that with the assistance of the i-Taukei land Trust Board, the lease preparation process has been more efficiently completed to allow land sales of 167 lots to commence.

Housing Authority chief executive officer, Alipate Naiorosui says, “The signing of these leases represents a major breakthrough in terms of the land development and selling process. This process could not have been made possible without the tremendous assistance of TLTB.”

“This is a change to streamline the process whereby for the Tacirua Project,  TLTB will no longer issue leases directly to the customer to facilitate and expedite the sale process. It will be a transfer from the Authority to the customer. It has come at a cost but it would greatly assist HA, TLTB and customers in purchasing i-Taukei land lots developed by HA.”

“TLTB formed a special team to prepare these leases and they have worked tirelessly to have them ready in the shortest possible time”

Another advantage of this new approach is that it will greatly assist in facilitating loan requirements for those customers who are intending to seek assistance from the commercial banks and other financial institutions.

The price is to be finalised soon with the majority lots zoned Residential B. The sizes of the lots are from 600 square metres and above.

There are a few utility issues to complete before sale commences for the 167 lots, which is expected to be by February 2014.

Phase 1B with 81 lots was completed in July 2011. The third phase (1A) comprising of 467 lots is targeted to be ready by March 2014.