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Waila City Project

Buy Nexium Online Canada, Donde Comprar Comprar Cialis

Waila City is the biggest housing project to by undertaken in Fiji which is spread over 700 acres of freehold land.

TOP SYMPHONY (Fiji) Limited of Malaysia was awarded the development contract for Waila City, a project initiated by the Housing Authority through the Fijian Government, under a Private Participation Partnership arrangement.

The vision is to create a new city in Waila that is attractive and sustainable for living, working and recreation. The objectives are as follow:-

  • To create a self-contained city, with distinctive character, compatible with 21st Century era for new generation to live, work and play;
  • To provide wide range of housing types within safe, pleasant and attractive living environment;
  • To provide adequate community facilities at convenient locations;
  • To provide an efficient transport network; and
  • To provide adequate open space and recreational areas.


Nestled in between Suva and Nausori, Waila is 15 kilometres from Suva city and is in close proximity to the Nausori International Airport.

The Waila City project will have two major entry points via a 4 lane road that will connect to Princess Road next to the Waila Water Treatment Plant and through Adi Lady Davila Ganilau Road in Nakasi at the other end.

The 4 lane road will become an integral part of providing an efficient traffic circulation system to all the planned facilities and housing areas and will ensure ease of access from one sector of the project site to another.

Housing Development

Waila City is a multi-million dollar development project that is expected to yield approximately 5000 housing units that will cater for all categories of home buyers including low, middle and high income earners.

Currently there are approximately 248,000 Fijians who reside in the central division and the aim of creating an eco-friendly self-contained city in Waila is to provide a comprehensive solution that will adequately meet the huge demand for affordable housing in the Suva Nausori corridor.

According to a Housing Authority survey to research the potential demand for housing at Waila City, approximately 3000 Fijians have already registered their interest to own a housing unit once it’s built.

The overall project will be developed in a phased approach spanning 10 years and will feature 4 storey “Walk Up” style apartments with 2 and 3 bedroom housing units targeted at low income families in the affordable range.

It will also feature various types of house designs from single storey terrace houses and bungalows to mid-rise apartments as well as a wide range of commercial spaces that are functional and accessible to its residents.

As part of the specifications for the housing component, Housing Authority and its developer will work to mitigate past building problems using materials in the construction process that is comparable with housing in the 21st century.

This includes building materials that are fire retardant, termite proof, can be assembled faster and is more durable to our climate.

Regulatory Approvals

Since the launch of the Waila City project in 2011, Housing Authority and Top Symphony (Fiji) Limited of Malaysia have made significant progress.

Considering the land area that will be developed, an Environmental Impact Assessment was initially conducted to determine and mitigate the impacts of the development project in the locality.

Full approval was granted upon the submission of a detailed Construction Environmental Management Plan alongside the Operational Environmental Management Plan and Traffic Management Plan which outline steps by the developer to incur minimal damage to the environmental and as per the plans approved.

Having received this approval, the Master Plan for the overall Waila city development was granted an approval in principal by the Department of Town and Country Planning.

The Master Plan provides for ample open spaces, recreational parks, water features and eco-friendly landscape designs to ensure a distinctive and sustainable living environment.

Progress at Waila City

The developer Top Symphony (Fiji) Limited of Malaysia has set up the site office along Princess Road at Waila where their digger trucks and earth moving machines have begun initial earth works and land clearing activities.

Currently the initial earth works have commenced the creation a 4 lane road through the Waila City area that will connect the entire city from Princess Road near Nausori to Adi Lady Davila Ganilau Road in Nakasi.

As the city is designed to cater for approximately 5000 Fijian families, a 4 lane road is appropriate to cater for the flow of traffic within Waila and also outside toward Nakasi and Princess Road.

In May, 2012 Housing Authority and Top Symphony of Malaysia signed the commercial agreement to outline each party’s role, obligations and commitment in relation to the project and covered a range of infrastructure issues such as roads, drainage, sewerage and energy needs.

Both parties have collaborated to confirm different aspects of the project which eventually culminated in a team of Engineers from Malaysia attending a 2 day stakeholder workshop last month.

The workshop was attended by various stakeholders such as the Nausori Rural Local Authority, Water Authority, Fiji Electricity Authority, Department of Town and Country planning among others.

The purpose of holding the two day stakeholder meeting was to finalize the designs to be used in the first phase of construction for residential complexes that will be targeted at low income Fijian families.

There will also be a few commercial spaces that will provide functional opportunities for businesses to provide goods and services to these residents.

The first phase of construction is expected to begin toward the end of this year.