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It was a life-saving operation that would have cost a fortune, had it not have been for Housing Authority’s Health Insurance cover.

For both homeowners Mr Kamal Kishore, 59 years, of the new subdivision at Tacirua outside the greater Suva area and Mr Asmuk Chand, 49 years, of Waiyavi, Lautoka – thanked their lucky stars that they were covered under Housing Authority’s Mortgage Protections Insurance Policy (MPI).

They returned from India in May and April (2014) respectively after undergoing surgery at that was covered under the Health Insurance Policy, which is an extension to the MPI Policy. Mr Kishore was treated at MoolChand Hospital in Delhi whilst Mr Chand was admitted at Sahyadri Hospital in Mumbai.

“I was lucky I had the insurance by Housing Authority. If not, it would have been a different story today and it’s an operation that I would not have been able to afford,” Mr Kishore said.

“I want to thank Housing Authority very much for helping me,” Mr Chand said.

Under the MPI Policy, customers who have opted for this policy suddenly dies; either by accident or natural causes; or suffers from total and permanent disability will be eligible to have their properties paid off subject to the cover type. Currently 5,642 home owners are covered under the Housing Authority’s Mortgage
Protection Insurance policy.

With respect to the Health Insurance cover, it ensures that if a Housing Authority home owner (who has also chosen this cover and is currently paying through their repayments) is diagnosed with a cardiac condition or cancer and is able to meet other requirements, may be able to receive treatment in India.

Together Mr Kishore and Mr Chand experienced unusual medical symptoms last year. Mr Kishore started experiencing black-outs from August and minor chest pains in December. Mr Chand, on the other hand, had a painful and abnormal lump growth on his stomach. After undergoing tests, both were found to be suffering from one; a cardiac problem, while Mr Chand was found to have a tumor.

However, after undergoing successful surgeries in India, they have since returned home and are recovering well. Their wives accompanied them on their medical trip which as part of the Health Insurance cover included airfares and accommodation.

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It was a life-saving operation that would have cost a fortune, had it not have been for Housing Authority’s Health Insurance cover. For both homeowners Mr […]
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