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Dial 5180 for Housing Authority Services

Housing Authority is pleased to announce its new Shortcode Dial Service – 5180 to allow quicker and cheaper access to its services for its customers.

General Manager Customer Relations, Mrs Fantasha Lockington said the new service would mean that customers could dial 5180 from their Vodafone or Inkk numbers, from anywhere in Fiji to reach any Housing Authority offices.

“Housing Authority’s new Shortcode number 5180 is absolutely cost-effective for customers who may otherwise have to pay more when calling through their mobiles to our office landlines. The newly introduced service will allow customers to pay their usual mobile-to-mobile rates even if they are calling from Labasa, for example, to Valelevu or to Lautoka,” Mrs Lockington said.

“It will streamline accessibility for our customers who need to reach any of our branches in Valelevu, Suva, Lautoka, Nadi and Labasa by calling one simple easy-to-remember number and almost instantaneously be connected” she said.

Since the Authority began sales of its Tacirua East Subdivision Phases 3A and 1A lots mid this year, and more to be ready next year, customers will certainly find usage of the Shortcode most convenient, hassle-free and easy on their pockets as interest in land and house packages continues to grow.

Mrs Lockington said customers enquire daily about how they can own a home, check on the progress of their loan applications and get an update on their accounts, amongst other information, and the new Shortcode Dialing service will meet these needs perfectly.

In upholding the organisation’s Corporate Plan in pursuing customer service excellence, and improvements in innovation and communication – Housing Authority’s new Shortcode Dialing Service ensures efforts to improve services to meet the changing and dynamic needs of its customers are realised.

“Today’s customers demand better service and Housing Authority continuously looks for ways to be customer driven and this is vital in the way we do business,” the General Manager Customer Relations said.

Mrs Lockington acknowledged that business partnerships were essential for sustainability and remaining customer focused. She thanked NewNet Limited for the innovative service and Vodafone the mobile network provider for setting up the Shortcode Dialing Service.

Now Housing Authority customers on Vodafone network can dial 5180 from their Vodafone or Inkk numbers for all enquiries to any of its branches around the country during official working hours.