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Established by an Act of Parliament in 1955, The Housing Authority became an operating entity in 1958. The Authority began operation with the development of rental flats and progressed into the development of lots and the designing and building of homes. In 1966, Housing Authority was declared a Commercial Statutory Authority and is now required to provide returns to Government. The Authority moved away from the designing and building of homes to concentrate on the production of land lots and the provision of financing in 1997. With the initial vision to provide affordable housing for low-income earners in urban centers who could otherwise be unable to secure a permanent residence for themselves, the Authority has in recent years expanded its services to include mortgage financing for middle to high-income earners.
Pfizer Viagra Order
What are the general requirements should I wish to get a loan to build my house/ purchase land from Housing Authority?
  • Fiji Citizen
  • Have proof of employment
  • Be at least 21 years of age
Tell us how the home loan approval process works if I wanted to build my home or buy a house
  • Get an eligibility assessment done
  • If wish to purchase a home/Land- we require sellers Tin Letter, Valuation report , engineering certificate, certified true copy of title, sales and purchase agreement and the buyers financial statements i.e recent pay slip, bank statements, FNPF statement and also ID of specimen.
  • Wish to construct- we require an approved house plans. In house technical assistance provides for construction costing assessment
What do you mean by commitment level or commitment ratio?
Home Loan repayments plus other commitments- refers to any fixed

repayments that maybe showing on payslips/bank statements for any sort of loan.

The smaller the commitment level, the better the chances of getting a loan.