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Ms Lorraine Seeto


Ms. Seeto is a former central banker and advisor to the Reserve Bank of Fiji Governor. Currently she is a Fiji Public Trustee Corporation (Pte) Limited (FPTCL) Director and also a board member for the Netball World Youth Cup 2021. With 36 years of experience in the banking sector, Ms. Seeto was re¬cently recognized and awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fiji Institute of Bankers. Ms. Seeto has been with the Reserve Bank of Fiji since 7th December 1981, which is over 36 years. At the Bank, Ms. Seeto has held posi¬tions as Chief Manager Currency and Corporate Services, Chief Manager Corporate Planning and Assurance, and Chief Manager Risk Management and Communica¬tions. Ms. Seeto has been an Advisor to the Governors and spent nearly 17 years in the Economics Group.
With 36 years of experience in the banking sector, Ms. Seeto was recently recognized and awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fiji Institute of Bankers

Ms Senikavika Jiuta

Authority Member

Jiuta is a lawyer by profession is currently the General Manager Operations for FCCC. She brings with her a wealth of experience in competition and consumer protection law, business risk management, and corporate governance. She has previously served FCCC in various capacities and worked in a wide range of areas including Legal, Risk Management, Governance, pricing reviews and finance reviews. She had also served as the FCCC Board Secretary and holds a Bachelor of Law and Professional Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of the South Pacific.
She brings with her a wealth of experience in competition and consumer protection law, business risk management, and corporate governance

Mr Roveen Permal

Authority Member

Roveen Permal is a qualified structural engineer and project manager with 20 years of extensive experience within Fiji and the Pacific. Some of the signature projects delivered by him as project manager is ANZ Stadium, Albert Park & Natadola Golf Course. He has also been structural engineer for Momi Marriot Resort and Pearl Resort. He also owns a construction firm with sound knowledge in building and innovative technology. He also has a passion for rugby and athletics and represents Fiji in Masters Event for 100m and 200metres.
with 20 years of extensive experience within Fiji and the Pacific

Miss Anabel Ali

Authority Member

Anabel Ali is the group financial controller and company secretary of Fiji Fish Marketing Group company and its 11 related entities. She also holds membership in professional bodies like CPA Australia, Australian Institute of Company Directors and Leadership Fiji. In her professional work experience under the Fiji Fish Marketing Group she was the Group financial controller responsible for the financial management and control of the company. Anabel worked 10 years at PKF aliz Pacific where she was the manager overseeing the review of audits. The current board memberships of which Anabel is a member includes Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji, Basic Industries Limited, WOWs(kids) Fiji, Leadership Alumni and Total Fiji Ltd. Anabel shares some special interest which focusses on growth through innovation and governance in SME’s and MSME’s, Community and grassroots governance and promoting diversity through gender, skills and executive team composition.
holds membership in professional bodies like CPA Australia, Australian Institute of Company Directors and Leadership Fiji

Mr Mohit Raj

Authority Member

Mohit Raj is a senior officer of the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) and has more than 17 years of Taxation and Customs knowledge. He is currently the Chief Assessor Gold Card Services & Authorised Economic Operator responsible for the management of Gold Card Service Centre, and Authorised Economic Operators of the Service. Raj holds double Masters degrees namely, Master of Business Administration & Master of Commerce in Professional Accounting from the University of the South Pacific. He also holds Bachelor of Arts in Accounting & Financial Management and Post Graduate Certificate & Diploma in Financial Administration and Business Administration from University of the South Pacific. Mr. Raj is a Chartered Accountant member with Fiji Institute of Accountants and a Fellow member with Institute of Financial Accountants, United Kingdom and also a Fellow member of Institute of Public Accountants, Australia. In addition to his professional career at FRCS, Mr. Raj is a Council Member and Vice President of the Fiji Institute of Accountants.
more than 17 years of Taxation and Customs knowledge