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 The Authority in its effort to upgrade the environment in its housing estates, implemented one of its strategies by planting trees at its 466 lots subdivision in Waila 3B Davuilevu on 4th July, 2007. This was a joint operation between the tenants of Waila 3B Subdivision, the Department of Forestry and Housing Authority staff.

This program was an initiative by the Minister for Women Social Welfare and Housing, Adi Laufitu Malani and she also launched it by planting the first tree followed by the Permanent Secretary, Ms Litia Mawi. The Minister said that “the idea of planting trees in a new subdivision was to bring life and to protect the environment”. The Minister encouraged the tenants of Waila 3B subdivision to plant fruit trees, vegetables and other food bearing trees such as coconut, breadfruit, oranges that would give them home grown foodstuff and at the same time improve their health and well being.”

The Authority has allocated lots in this subdivision to re-settle squatters from settlements identified by Ministry of Housing. A total of 466 lots were produced and tenants from some settlements, such as Bainiose near USP, Vunivaivai at Nasinu, Riverside at Narere and Kilikali at Nasinu were assisted.

The Chief Executive Officer of Housing Authority, Mr Alipate Naiorosui, said “the initiative taken by the Minister and the Authority was timely and brought the Housing Authority staff and Waila 3B community together. Mr Naiorosui thanked the Department of Forestry for providing about 450 seedlings and the tenants and the staff of the Authority for their participation.”

The Authority would shortly implement similar initiatives in its other newly completed subdivisions including Field 40 Subdivision at Lautoka and Namosau in Ba.