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The Tacirua East Stage Two project is on schedule to deliver the first 67 residential lots in phase 1B by the end of the year as part of the four year 170 acre housing development project.

Housing Authority chief executive officer Alipate Naiorosui said, “The progress of work on the site is slightly behind schedule due to bad weather in the first half of the year and momentum is expected to pick up in the next six to twelve months”.

The Housing Authority signed a contract in June, 2010 with its development partner China Railway First Group Limited to deliver the housing subdivision within budget and the required timeframe.

Naiorosui said, “China Railway First Group Limited is working overtime into the night and on weekends to ensure that we finish the project on time in order to deliver approximately 500 lots by 2012 and complete the Tacirua East Stage Two subdivision by 2013.

The Water Authority of Fiji has successfully completed the construction of two water mains along Khalsa road at a cost of $1.2m and is expected to complete the construction of a sewer truck main by August, 2011 while negotiations continue to relocate a high voltage power line by the Fiji Electricity Authority.


He further added that, “Currently our technical people are working with the Department of National Roads to ensure that the roads within the subdivision meet approved standards. Also a few water and sewer mains require relocation and construction by the Water Authority”

Housing Authority wishes to acknowledge the support and assistance of the Water Authority of Fiji as well as the Public Works Department.

In total, the Tacirua East Stage Two subdivision will produce 1050 fully serviced residential, commercial and industrial lots and will cater for all categories of low, medium and high income home owners.


For more information, please contact Dwain Qalovaki on 999 3915 or Pfizer Viagra Order