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New Housing Website

The Housing Authority and Public Rental Board mark a historic milestone with the launch of its new joint website.

The website which can be accessed at Pfizer Viagra Order is now the online portal for both organisations combining information on both the rental and home ownership markets.

Housing Authority chief executive officer Alipate Naiorosui said, “The focus of the revamped website is to provide up to date information for Fijians nationally as well as those that reside across the region and internationally”.

The new website offers up to date information on housing projects in progress like the Tacirua East Stage 2, Nepani Stage 2, Waila city and Wainibuku as well as application forms for those interested in owning a lot and renting or buying a home.

“The new joint website is a concerted effort by both HA and PRB as the housing developer and rental drivers to collaborate and actively contribute towards Governments vision of creating affordable, decent and quality housing for all Fijians by the year 2020”, said Naiorosui.

As part of the redesigned website, online visitors will be able to access bill payment options, inquire about our products and services as well as browse through information on our upcoming housing subdivisions that are currently under construction.

Naiorosui added, “As we continue to proactively engage the rental market and develop housing options for all income categories, it is important that we present our message in a timely, consistent and accessible manner. The new joint website achieves this goal”.

The website is the first in a suite of efforts to be revamped this year in an effort to improve customer communication channels.

New features to the website include its newsletter sign up, social media link ups and information on housing stakeholders.