HA Takes Message To The Community

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May 10, 2013
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June 19, 2013

HA Takes Message To The Community

The Housing Authority is set for a week long road show in Labasa and Sigatoka.

The weeklong Northern Crime Prevention Week begins tomorrow and will focus on promoting safety in the community in Labasa which will coincide with the Poverty Reduction Awareness campaign in Sigatoka from 19th – 21st June.

“The Northern Crime Prevention Week is a time to promote safety in the community and in our homes, “said Housing Authority chief executive officer, Alipate Naiorosui.

As part of the weeklong event that begins tomorrow, Housing Authority will utilize the opportunity to sell land lots that are available in its Rara subdivision.

Through these events, Housing Authority executives will be speaking with people about upcoming subdivisions that are in progress, home loan and ground rent payments as well as providing information on valuation services, surveying and construction costing.

“A key focus will be to create more awareness around the GOLD PACKAGE home loan product that is targeted at first homeowners who earn $16,500 or less per annum”, Naiorosui said.

Naiorosui added, “We anticipate a huge crowd at the Northern Crime Prevention Week and the Poverty Reduction Awareness campaign in Sigatoka and Housing Authority will use this opportunity to speak with our existing homeowners about how we can finance improvements to their existing home”.

The Northern Crime Prevention carnival will be held at Subrail Park, Labasa and the Poverty Reduction Awareness will be held at Lawaqa Park, Sigatoka.