HA Offers Discount; Collects $167,000

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April 22, 2013
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June 19, 2013

HA Offers Discount; Collects $167,000

A total of $167,000 was collected nationwide for ground rent over the past 2 months from 1st March to 30th April this year.

To encourage ground rent customers to pay their accounts, the Housing Authority had introduced a 10% discount in March and a 7% discount in April.

Housing Authority chief executive officer, Alipate Naiorosui said, “We realize that a lot of our homeowners have many financial commitments during the middle of the year so we are happy to offer a discount that will allow them to prioritize this payment”.

A total of 1,709 homeowners paid their ground rent accounts during the 2 month discount period.

Out of the total recorded for March alone, 50% were from the Western division, 47% from the Central and the remaining 3% were from our customers in the North.

Naiorosui said, “The incentive was introduced to encourage our existing homeowners to settle their accounts before it became overdue”.

Following the discount period, Housing Authority continues to encourage it’s homeowners to settle their accounts before it institutes recovery action.

The first step is to submit the homeowner’s names to the Credit Data Bureau which will prohibit our customers from accessing credit facilities like hire purchases until their account is settled.

As an alternative, Housing Authority may also institute legal action through the Small Claims Tribunal or as a last option cancel the lease by re-entry.