HA Leads With Upskilling

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March 18, 2013
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March 28, 2013

HA Leads With Upskilling

A landmark 25 percent of Housing Authority staff members are now pursuing higher education at local universities and abroad.

Housing Authority chief executive officer Alipate Naiorosui said, “In line with our training policy, we are investing in our people to go out and study as they will in turn bring in fresh ideas and strategies to improve our customer services, land and housing productivity and overall performance”.

39 sponsored staff members are undertaking various programs relative to our organisational needs at Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree level.

Naiorosui continued, “Of the sponsored staff, women make up 44 percent of those staff members who are returning to further their education”.

In addition to sponsored tuition fees and texts, Housing Authority ensures that sponsored staff are supported by providing some company resources towards research & programme study requirements.

“Apart from bonding our graduates to contribute to our organisation, the trickle on effects of up skilling our people will be felt in the medium to long term with more experienced graduates in the area of Land Management, Construction management, Architectural technology, Real estate, Finance, Management, Law, Information technology and Business Administration”, Naiorosui added.

The structured programmes supplement the on-going in house trainings that is provided to staff members on customer service, process mapping and land use planning.

In the past, Housing Authority has sent its staff members to India, Pakistan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Malaysia on training courses.