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    Model houses
  • Housing Authority since its establishment in 1955 has become the premier provider of housing accommodation to the people of Fiji. The Authority’s core business is to produce decent, quality and affordable lots and housing units and this is complemented with the provision of mortgage financing for low income earning customer

    The Authority under its 5 year development plan commencing in 2016 aims to develop 882 lots in 4 major projects, construct 150 units and acquire 11 possible project sites this is dependent on demand. Housing Authority anticipates to produce at least 1,700 new residential lots and the construction of 50 single units from our projects at the various prescribed subdivisions.

    Housing Authority developments are demarcated into the following divisions:

    The following are a synopsis of Housing Authority developments in the aforementioned Divisions.



    Nepani Stage II Under development
    Davuilevu Under Development
    Caubati Strata To be advised
    Makosoi Pacific Harbour To be advised


    Matavolivoli Under development
    Waqadra To be advised
    Natadola To be advised
    Tavua Under development
    Tavakubu Under development
    Tavakubu Infill To be advised
    NORTHERN SUBDIVISION Rara To be advised