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$0.5 Million Facelift For Malolo

Villagers on Malolo Island will soon enjoy fully refurbished homes after the approval of a $0.5 million loan from Housing Authority.

Housing Authority chief executive officer Alipate Naiorosui said, “We are pleased to provide the Mataqali Ketenamasi with the loan facility to upgrade and repair 28 existing homes as well as the church building”.

The facelift project which will take 6 months to complete includes changing the roofs, window frames, glass louver blades, ceiling boards, plumbing, kitchen shelves and doors.

Naiorosui said, “The upgrading and facelift to the interior and exterior of the houses will ensure that these villagers enjoy a modern standard of living on the Island as well as ensure safety during adverse weather conditions”.

Cyclone screws and anchor down brackets are being used as part of the reconstruction process and cyclone shutters will also be installed.

The 28 houses were initially built through a Village Housing Scheme loan which was paid off in 2005

The Village Housing Scheme from Housing Authority enables people living in villages to use their lease money through TLTB to either build or make improvements to their village houses.